Body Integration

Position Release

Also referred to as Strain/Counter-Strain, position release involves shortening the muscle by placing it in relaxed positions of comfort, and applying pressure to specific small zones of tense, tender tissue throughout the body. Usually with a single position the practitioner can shut down multiple dysfunctional areas. This technique is particularly effective in speeding recovery from muscle strains (e.g. back, neck, legs, arms), as it helps the body's natural ability to heal itself, without soreness or painful side effects.

The therapeutic uses for Position Release are broad and range from acute injuries to chronic pain, dysfunction brought on by bone loss, post-operative recovery, pain from pregnancy, artificial joints, and neurologic conditions. The benefits of this technique are immediate for the client, who can instantly feel relief in the treated area. The Position Release technique can be applied to every region of the body in a noninvasive way. Acute injury and chronic pain can be reduced through the characteristic kindness of this approach, where others have failed.