Body Integration

Our Equipment

Massage therapy requires controlled forces in specific directions. For this purpose, we furnish our therapy room with equipment that best meets the needs of our clients; stationary massage tables, massage chair, Body Bridge stretch table, and our special rolling therapy table.

The design of our new therapy table which was custom made in Canada for us, allows for very specific movements to be applied alone and in combination with great accuracy assisting in ultimate mobilization, manipulation, massage, and motion treatment. This table features a number of benefits over our competitors’ tables. These features and benefits are:

Adjustable table width (25"-40") and length (72”-82”) accommodates individual body style and height.

Four adjustable sections (head, middle body, arms, and leg sections) give the therapist accurate positioning of body throughout all phases of therapy. The head section lowers 30˚ and rises to 90˚; the leg section can be raised to nearly 80˚. The mid-body section allows for accurate positioning of the spine in controlled inward or side curvatures. Adjusting each section independently or in combination provides comfort and accurate body positioning necessary for muscle energy, muscle stretching techniques, and enhanced treatment of different body parts.

Deep tilt to support lymphatic drainage, or provide a supported position for gravity treatments.

Adjustable height to allow clients to sit with their feet on the floor.

Multiple position folding optimizes clients’ treatment for therapeutic and anatomical reasons. This facilitates your comfort if injured, pregnant, or disabled.

Extra bonus: Enhanced Body Cushion system on top of our massage tables allows for even better comfort for face up, face down, and side positions.

The design and concept of our therapy table and Body Cushion system incorporate all the essential qualities of excellence in massage therapy equipment. The additional features compliment the extensive skills of our therapists. With this equipment, we are able to offer greater value of service for our clients. It makes your massage therapy experience much more comfortable and welcoming.

Call now to schedule an appointment to try our new equipment. Once you do, you will not want to lie on another table in the future!